The Institute of Human Rights (IHR) at Emory seeks to advance the cause of human rights through educational, research and community awareness programs in parallel with the mission of the university. We engage representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as scholars and practitioners in dialogue about the use of rights based approaches. Our teaching programs include an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in human rights open to graduate students across the university and an undergraduate human rights program currently in development.


We support faculty from the University in pursuing human rights related research. We have over forty affiliated faculty members who have unique expertise in the areas of health, theology, and law which contributes to our activities and goals.

Our community awareness programs include sponsorship of an annual campus wide Human Rights Week, including organization of on-campus film and speaker series, and debates that are open to the broader Atlanta community. In addition, the Atlanta Asylum Network provides pro bono physical and psychological evaluations to torture survivors for use in their asylum cases.

In 2005 the Institute of Human Rights sponsored the international conference, “Lessons Learned from Rights Based Approaches to Health.” In 2006, IHR engaged in follow up activities to the conference including a think tank meeting, a qualitative evaluation of the conference examining next steps for the health and human rights agenda, and development of a conference report. In addition, the IHR began collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop and launch two databases related to health and human rights. The first database will serve as a bibliography of academic literature related to health and human rights. The second database will be a compilation of international and regional declarations and treaties, national constitutions, and case law related to the right to health and other key health related rights.


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Top Image: UNESCO/Laurie Dower
Alternating Images: WHO/P Virot (woman with chicken), WHO/P Virot (woman with beans), WHO/P Virot (woman with rice), Human Rights Watch/Olivier Bercault (man with gun), Eric Lease Morgan/Infomotions, Inc.(Carter Center photograph), Cultural Commons (statue escaped slave)

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