Our location is a tremendous asset. The proximity of the Institute of Human Rights to Atlanta resources such as the Carter Center, CARE USA, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention facilitates the flow of scholarship, research, and service keeping the Institute a contemporary resource for graduate and undergraduate students interested in the vast area of human rights.  In all, the Institute has over forty affiliated faculty and staff members that serve not only in their capacity as mentors to students, but also as liaisons with unique research connections to many local, national, and international human rights organizations.  These faculty members have unique expertise in the areas of health, theology, and law which contributes to our goals and activities.

Every year the Atlanta area becomes a more vibrant and extraordinarily relevant nexus for human rights. Located on Emory University’s campus, a graduate university and undergraduate college with programs consistently ranked in the top twenty in U.S. News and World Report rankings, the Institute of Human Rights sponsors Emory University’s human rights week each year which raises awareness for human rights issues among students and community members alike.  In addition, the Institute served as a key sponsor for the international conference Lessons Learned from Rights Based Approaches to Health where over 350 practitioners and scholars from more than 40 countries gathered in Atlanta to explore how the world can make progress toward achieving adequate standards of health as a fundamental right of all people.

Our unique location provides an excellent environment in which to pursue the study of, and a career in, human rights. And you'll find all of this in a city that also offers quality of life, diversity, arts, culture, and sports

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